Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unknown Beatles Song - Cosmically Conscious

Cosmically Conscious

This is an example, I feel, of a perfect pop song.

A pop music song.

It was written by Paul McCartney, maybe with John Lennon, in India, 1968.

At a reunion of The Beatles (the two surviving ones) in 2009 in New York, they played the song, with Sheryl Crow, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam), etc.

Paul McCartney once recorded this on his own, and it sucked.

But, with a band that includes all these great people, it's filled with energy, good energy, and it conveys it - it's just...impossible to get out of your head.

It also conveys some kind of message, I guess, but more than that - a feeling. It's in the chorus. Such a joy joy, such a joy joy, such a joy joy...joy.

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