Friday, January 1, 2010

Pop Music Songs by Austin Washington, President of Pop

Austin Washington

"The greatest song-writer in pop music history. Combining the word-play and wit of Cole Porter, the imagination of John Lennon, the depth of feeling of Kurt Cobain, harmonies better than any boy band, the skillz of Dr Dre, and the catchiness of a bad head cold, Austin Washington's songs capture the true depth and breadth of all that is good about Pop Music."
Now, if only someone else had said that! ha ha...but other people did say this stuff, and it makes me feel so good...

"Your music really made me think. I've been in some trouble, and haven't been able to decide what to do. After listening to Falling Out of Time it clicked. I know what to do! Thank you so much!

I'll be one of the first to buy your CD's!

Love and Cookies,"

- dimples

* * *

"WOW! I just heard that song and-WOW!- it really moved me. I think you guys are fab! Don't change ANYthing! Keep up the fanTAStic work, sugar!

P.S. If you ever go on tour, pleeeeaaaaaassse try to make it to Georgia, honey!

Love and kisses!"

- Lynda

* * *

"[Austin Washington] rulez! i think u r tottally cool!! work on your album and release it soon!!

i really like your music! put more on this site i will visit it often now !"


* * *

"Can I have an autograph? You guys are going to big!"

- Sarah

* * *

"Hi my name is elise and im 11 years old. i think you guyz are so talented and you rock! i hope you guyz make a cd so i can buy it and listen to it everyday! bye peace out~ELISE~"

- Elise

* * *

"the more i listen the more i like!! :) "


* * *

" i love you music ”
- Ciara Bennet
United States

* * *

“ so johnlennonesque! ”
- Rsevchuk

* * *
“ you are cool ”
- Daliza
fl Falkland Island

* * *
“ its really good ”
- Monikangkana

* * *

“ I'm hoping for some good songs.. and i just found it here! "
- kristoffer

* * *

“ Austin Washington love youuuuu ”
- Sevaloli


Most mere mortals, it seems, aspire to be pop stars. Well, a lot do, at least.

Austin Washington - or, the magnificent, marvellous Austino, as his friends call him (actually, no) - is anything but mortal. Standing at over 11 feet tall, he was blessed at birth with a preternatural ability to shatter glass at the length of two football fields.

His tones are anything but mellifluous.

However, with modern studio trickery, his out-of-tune screeches and warbles have been transformed to almost sound human.

"Almost" is the key word, here, as no 11 foot tall, helium-filled (did we mention that? that's why we must keep him tethered to the ground, lest he float away) - luminescent (he was genetically modified with lightning bugs) boy can be said to be fully human.

His songs, though, speak for themselves...

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