Sunday, January 10, 2010

Music VIdeo - The Drums "Let's Go Surfing"

10 January 2010

My friend was talking about videos that are both home-made, but cool...and I just found this, and wrote to her:

this is the kind of video you mean

I found it on a site that links performers and record companies and video makers - I put this review (below) down, before looking at it on youtube - wow, almost half a million views...I bet this worked for them! It was made in one evening, obviously, very cheap - yet it is cool - here's the review i put:

it's like a spike jonez video without a payoff.

where are the dogs?

why aren't they on fire?

it's so close....there is just some really cool mood that pervades kind of doesn't make sense, in a way that is's just looks cool...and again, there is a randomness about it - like, it makes sense, or would, in a dream.

but there is no payoff...also, the SURFING graphic doesn't quite do it for me...i don't know what would, though...

it's really close...really really close...really needs something, but i'm not sure what...but it's good! really good - just not brilliant, but i'm sure this director is easily capable of brilliance...just not yet, or not in this one..


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